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Engaging IMS to conduct a Mystery Shop audit of your business will result in critical insights  into your customers’ experience. The subsequent IMS report will present you with potential opportunities, viz:

An informal conversation with IMS will expand on how YOUR business can benefit from a Mystery Shop audit.


“No organisation operates in isolation”. This is why Market Research is critical to understanding your competitors and how you compare to them. “Market research informs...”

IMS Market Research can provide:


An exploratory conversation with IMS will identify how critical Market Research can  support your business’s performance in a competitive market.

Performance Evaluation

“Organisations that pursue excellence undertake self-assessment”. Self-assessment, in the form of Performance Evaluation, establishes whether personnel pursue company processes (where stipulated) and how their performance translates into the customer experience. The results can impact on business profitability.

IMS facilitates and supports a consultative process that affords the opportunity to bring about positive change. The procedure focuses on the following key elements:

Performance Evaluation is an essential measurement tool that gives insights into procedural compliance, individual and team performances.

Call Mark Richardson or Frank Walsh  at IMS to find out more.

Service & Standards Auditing

To evaluate adherence to organisational standards, IMS can function in either of the following two capacities:

  1. As a Mystery Shop Audit to establish compliance


  1. In an ongoing out-sourced basis as a means of reducing costs

The IMS audits will provide:

Find out how IMS can deliver the reports you need at a competitive rate.

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